1970 Ideal Patti Playful Doll Variation on Box and Doll

by James M Hadden
(Gastonia,N.C. USA)

This version of Patti I have is different from all others I`ve seen. Differences on the doll is that the dress she is wearing on mine is brown with blue stitching while on all others it is white with blue stitching.

The lever in my dolls back is different than the others. Mine has a squeeze type handle and the others I see don`t appear to have this. Only a plastic handle to move the head.

The tag sewn onto her shirt is different. Mine only says "Patti Playful Ideal Made in Hong Kong" The others have the additional text of "made of new polyurethane'. The markings on the back of my dolls neck are C1970 Ideal Toy Corp. LL-16-H-162.

The box differs in that the girl on my box is on the left side of the front of the box and is wearing a blue shirt and is holding the doll a little ways away from her face. All others I`ve seen have the girl on the right side of the box with a yellow shirt on and is holding the baby against her face.

The boxes are exactly the same in every aspect,including the date and the two pictures under the main picture. I`ve not been able to find this version anywhere on the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email address is Jameshadden@aol.com Thanks,Bo.

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