Raving Beauty - Walking Doll by Artisan Novelty Co

by Barb

In answer to Elizabeth, I still have my Raving Beauty Walking Doll and have the paperwork with name and company. Her legs swing independently from the movement of her head. There is no mention on the paperwork of her being a Miss Gadabout.

My question is, were each of these walking dolls named with individual names? I grew up calling mine Alice in Blue Gown and I was too young to remember if she was given that name originally, or if I named her.

The paperwork does not indicate a name other than 'The Raving Beauty - Walking Doll' with the Ravon Hair.

I am so delighted today to finally find her on the internet. In deep cleaning, I happened across her instructions in order to identify her! I'd love to start a collection of these beautiful girls!

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Nov 04, 2016
The Mystery of Black Raving Beauties Solved NEW
by: Tori

After 2 years of searching, I finally stumbled across real proof of who made the African American Raving Beauty dolls.
A woman who sold me a (white) cowgirl RB mentioned that she had a brochure showing that Franklin of Hollywood manufactured the Black RB using Artisan's original mold and contracting with Michele of California for the clothing, just like Artisan did.
She sent me a scan of Franklin's brochure showing a Black walker doll with brown eyes & short, tightly curled black hair that's presumably Ravon. She's dressed in a classic Michele party dress. She has the same sweet face, chubby body & is unmistakably a Raving Beauty!
Price lists accompanying the brochure show the doll was made in either 1953 or '63 -- the typed date is not easily readable.

Aug 07, 2016
Raving Beauty: Earlier Editions?
by: Anonymous

I bought one of these dolls recently from a long-time vintage doll restorer who is selling off her collection. The information I've found says the doll has nylon hair. The hair on this doll doesn't look or feel like nylon and it's hairstyle fell in fairly tight waves reminiscent of 1940's hairstyles, not 1950's glamor dolls. I had her re-set the hair to make it neater and wish I hadn't; I hope it will revert to the original wave eventually. Some dolls back then had mohair or human hair. Have any of you found a reference to these dolls having either?

Jul 03, 2015
Reply to Alfred
by: Tori

Alfred: I just bought an AA Raving Beauty on Ebay. This one came dressed in the yellow formal with the scalloped hem -- supposedly a California Original by Michelle.
She has short, curly mohair hair and is in near-mint condition. There's no doubt she is not someone's repaint & rewigging project.
As an avid RB collector, I was thrilled to find her, despite the very high price.
I, too, would love to find out more about the Black RBs, when they were made, are they RBs or Miss Gadabouts, and where they were marketed. None of my 3 best HP doll books or my one AA doll book mentions Black RBs. You got any more info? If you want to get in touch, you can find me at BlackCatsJunque on Etsy.

Feb 17, 2014
raving beauty doll
by: Alfred

I just found an African American Raving Beauty in her original clothing (black bra, panties and negligee. Thick black wavy hair. I can not find any information on black doll made by this company. She is definitely Raving Beauty/Gadabout non walker. Anyone, any information.

Oct 23, 2012
Raving Beauty
by: Elaine

I too have one of these dolls I got for Christmas 1951. She has original shoes, bride dress aqnd veil. I also have an original photo of the doll taken 1952. I have the original tag that says Raving Beauty, The Walking Doll. She Walks, she has Ravon Hair. My dolls outfit was made by Michele. I am thrilled to find one that looks similar to mine.

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