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doll help?? who is this

Hello, I got this doll, 5 inches but I can't read the name of the producer. Can you help me out? thanks a lot Eric

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Alexander doll- but which one?

I can not figure out what Madame Alexander doll this is. It was my Grandmothers but I do not have any further information on it. Could it be one of

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Margie Watern

I have a doll that was my mother's back in 1920. she has a what looks like a marking on the back of neck japan 8 and circle with dividers says MB she is

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Scrap book

I have a scrap book of doll pictures, news articles, greeting cards with doll pics, quotes for doll repair, and letter from Mrs. Edna Cheshire Dolls of

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Doll Identification help???

I have inherited all of my grandmothers and mothers dolls. My Grandmother and mother saved everything! I think some of the dolls I have were possible my

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