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Cute Russian folk art dolls

I have no email/'net don't know if you'll get this..... I found 15 miniature (about 3 inches tall) Russian dolls at a thrift shop for 6$

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I have a 17 in composition boy doll that has a hole on top of his head

This beautiful doll has no markings and a stuffed body any ideals?

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Vintage bride Doll

I acquired this doll recently, searched high and low on the internet. I can't find out this dolls maker or year. The only marking she has is an A with

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My father in law gave me a box of bisque head dolls that my mother in law has collected over the years. He is interested in selling them and wants me

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Antique 13" bisque doll marked "Germany 13/o" value?

Although we have found other dolls that look similar online, we have yet to find one just like it. The price range seems to be rather broad for similar

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